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Dr. Mike Murdock is the Senior “Pastor” of The Wisdom Center (also called Mike Murdock “Evangelistic” Association) in Ft. Worth, TX. Dr. Murdock has a few children, who are on his paid staff at The Wisdom Center. Many find it terrible that he pays his father, also a “pastor”, a salary, although his father does not work for The Wisdom Center. Dr. Murdock has been seen wearing high fashion, including owning several Rolex watches, and living in a spanish style lake front home. He has been seen driving several vehicles, including a very expensive BMW 760. (This is not the style of the apostles being poor, cf. Acts 3:6.) He has been known to rub elbows with the likes of “Pastor” Benny Hinn from Irving, TX. Many think his ways and teachings are fake.

Mike Murdock: False Prophet!

Mike Murdock is an imposter! I couldn't believe what this guy was saying on TV today when I listened to him. He was spewing out blasphemies against God by claiming that God wanted to create 300 MILLIONAIRES through his ministry. The catch? ... you MUST send a "seed" (as he calls it) of at least $1,000 to his ministry. Murdock promises 3-months of miracles and uncommon blessing to those who give the $1,000 seed.

Mike Murdock teaches that to "Break the back of poverty," a seed of $1,000 needs to be sowed to his ministry, and then the harvest will follow. Murdock said he would pray to God for three things to happen, and guaranteed that they would happen, as a result of someone donating the $1,000 seed:

  1. That God will use this seed to schedule an uncommon visit from the Holy Spirit to your home. I'm asking God to give you a stress-free home environment. An unusual visit from the Holy Spirit.

  1. A financial mentor to enter into your life, who will use their secrets to enhance your life, with uncommon financial wisdom.

  1. That God will use this $1,000 seed to reactivate every dormant seed you planted in the past. God will use this seed of obedience today to breathe new life into your future. And whatever the Devil stole from you in the past will be returned unto you 7-fold.

What a bunch of lies! Mike Murdock doesn't have the authority to say those things. The Holy Spirit of God isn't for sale. Murdock sounds much like Simon the Sorcerer who thought he could buy God's power with money (Acts 8:19-20). God is NOT for hire! How dare Mr. Murdock turn God's house into a den of thieves, "Is this house, which is called by my name, become a den of robbers in your eyes? Behold, even I have seen it, saith the LORD" (Jeremiah 7:11). Murdock cleverly leads his audience away from recognizing him as a thief, by calling Satan a thief instead. Satan certainly is a thief (John 10:10), but he has many apprentices working with him as well (2nd Corinthians 11:13-14). Even a lying con-man looks honest when contrasting himself to Satan.

According to Murdock, the third item on his prayer list is for God to force Satan to give back 7-fold anything he stole from you. It sounds nice; but there's no such teaching in the Word of God. It is sinful and dishonest for Murdock, or anyone else, to make all sorts of guarantees and promises on behalf of God in exchange for their viewer's money.

Here is some of the teaching of Mike Murdock. We'll quote him and analyze his teaching.

"I'm asking for 300 people who need big miracles (when you call and give $1,000)."

(Mike Murdock, LeSea Television, Miracle Telethon, April 20, 2004)

Where does he get this from? God must provide “big miracles” for those giving money? And not just any sum, but $1,000 too. This is not a prophet of God.

"You can't wait another day or two for your healing or miracle...go to the phone and sow your $1,000 seed for your harvest."

(Mike Murdock, LeSea Television, Miracle Telethon, April 20, 2004)

That's up to God when He decides to heal, we can't force God heal us, and especially not with money!

"Widow woman! If you keep that $200 that will be your harvest...Nothing leaves heaven until something leaves earth."

(Mike Murdock, LeSea Television, Miracle Telethon, May 6, 2004)

“Nothing leaves heaven until something leaves earth”. Apparently to be loved by God is by doing His will, not to force His love through money to come to us with His Holy Spirit. And he also mentioned “If you keep that $200 that will be your harvest”, which means that the more you give, the more you will get. No, it's rather, the more pious you live to the image of Jesus Christ, the more of the Holy Spirit you will receive from God. And this does not mean miracles and healing, but the love of God. God decides how to reward us, not we or any one else.

"There is one of the 300 people that can give the $600 all at once. that kind of faith releases a swift response from God. When you let go of what's in your hand God let's go of what's in his."

(Mike Murdock, LeSea Television, Miracle Telethon, May 6, 2004)

“When you let go of what's in your hand God let's go of what's in his.” This man is twisting and manipulating our way of thinking. A good thought could arise in us saying that the more we give of ourselves to God the more we will receive from Him. But this man in a bad context uses this way of our thinking related directly to money, so that the more we give of our wallet, the more we'll receive from God. Do you see how evil influential this man is. He is a direct spokesman for the devil.

"If you are one of the 300 to plant $200 a month for the next three month's, God has a harvest for you."

(Mike Murdock, LeSea Television, Miracle Telethon, May 6, 2004)

"Go to the phone, Quickly! Dial the number and say, 'I'm one of the 300 to sow $200 for the next three month's.' Your seed has never had so much power."

(Mike Murdock, LeSea Television, Miracle Telethon, May 6, 2004)

This man is just repeating his evil words on and on. I don't need to write anything new, just read the analyzes above. There is so much more to quote on this man from this same source, but if time will allow, perhaps another time.

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